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MyGirlFund — fund the girl of your dreams! 💸

What the heck is a MyGirlFund? Is it some foundation? Is it something we need to visit personally? Will it do me any good? 

Those are all equally great questions. MyGirlFund is a website where men can interact with the women of their choice for a price. Yep, that’s why it is named the way it is. Fund the girl of your dreams, and in return, she will do anything you require. Whatever you need will be given to you in the form of video chatting or texting. MyGirlFund has been floating around the internet for six years already. It was great initially, but several complaints have sprouted here and there. If you want to dive in, do so with caution. 

Am I saying that this site isn’t what you thought it was? Well, it depends. MyGirlFund can be anything you want it to be. Do you want to have sex cams with different girls on different days? Do you want to build platonic relationships with girls from around the world? Or do you only want a companion to talk to in your downtime? Whatever you are looking for, as long as these beautiful girls can give it effortlessly, MyGirlFund is bound to make all your wishes come true. Make sure you have the card or the moolah to pay for it. 

“Is the site legit?” Has been a longstanding question.

MyGirlFund has been around for six great years already. But with their system of paying for services, people will always ask whether the site is legit. To answer that longstanding question: yes, MyGirlFund is pretty much legit. It had its heyday during its first few years. Sadly, and according to the girls on it, MyGirlFund has been deteriorating as time passes. It’s not to say that the men longing for several kinds of services don’t get what they want. If you can ensure that the girl you have chosen is one thousand percent legitimate, then you are good to go. 

The website has been ridden with scammers longing to make easy money from unsuspecting men. Luring someone in is easy when they are horny or looking for something else. If you want to dive in, you should do so with caution. And if you have already splashed inside, make sure the girl you are interacting with isn’t only doing it to milk some money out of you and run. With that said, the website is still pretty much legitimate. Pretty confusing. Well, it’s still up and running, so I guess it is not much of a big concern. 

Good chaps who want to practice their sugar daddy skills flock to MyGirlFund to test drive their skills. It’s a win-win situation. Guys pay girls to do anything and everything in between, girls deliver their services, and guys move on to other girls they deem worthy of being spent on. Hey, money doesn’t grow on trees, don’t they? This repetitive act of paying and getting services has resulted in a few long-term romantic and platonic relationships that have bloomed out of the website. Who’s to say your chances are slim? MyGirlFund might give you the best thing life has to offer. *wink*

Real funds fund real people. It’s up to you how you’ll get things further. 😉

MyGirlFund is a site that is truly one of a kind. Where will you ever find a site filled to the brim with genuine women who lead lives? As of writing, over 8,200 women on MyGirlFund, and 15,000 men sign up monthly. That’s not to say there are more men than women. These beautiful, authentic babes enrich their lives by providing services on MyGirlFund, whatever kinds of services those are. And yes, you can dive into their personal lives as long as your wallet permits. But how much would you need to shell out to experience the full thing? 

To our surprise, MyGirlFund is one affordable site. The women get paid through credits, each costing only $1 apiece. Spend as much as you want, then! LOL. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Much like live sex cams, is MyGirlFund also ridden with porn starlets and porn stars who want to spend their downtime still earning good cash? The answer to that is no. MyGirlFund is only overflowing with real girls. No rehearsed moans, no scripted replies, and especially no botched bodies. Be fascinated with how authentic these girls’ bodies are, and be captivated by their life stories, their skills in the virtual bed, and all their experiences you’re willing to pay for. 

MyGirlFund will give you an authentic virtual experience like no other. However, keep an eye out for scammers, as the site has been teeming with them these days. 

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