The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

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How I can be reached

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Before you contact me, please read the instructions below

Porn Site Owners

I get about twenty site submissions a day. Each site added to my directory takes time and money. That means, if you want your site added, it’s going to take more than a short email saying: “Sir please add“.

You’re going to need to put some effort into getting my attention. Let me know WHY I should review your site. What makes it different than other sites in the same category? Why would my readers enjoy visiting your site? If your site has any added value to mine, we can work together!

In conclusion, don’t send me an email like this:

Bad example of site submission

Link Exchanges

I’m always grateful whenever somebody adds a link to my site! Trusting your visitors with me is the highest sign of respect. However, linking to this site does not automatically guarantee I will add your site. I have certain guidelines that need to be met before I take the time to add your site to my directory.

Firstly, if you’re a new site, start by adding one of my banners to your site so I can monitor the quality of your traffic. I need to know you’re running a legitimate business.

Paysite Owners

I try to keep my list of premium porn sites updated. If you’d like me to add your site, please send me a detailed description of your site (site description, category, number of videos, update frequency) and a member’s area access. I have a long queue of sites to add, but I will eventually get to your site.

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The Review Process

Each site added to my list receives a genuine review by me. That means I will visit your site and be brutally honest about my experience. Once finished, I publish the review in the appropriate categories.

Rankings are decided upon an advanced algorithm that takes into account many factors such as:

  • your review rating
  • the type of site you operate
  • how popular your site is to my readers
  • update frequency
  • site speed
  • user experience

Unlike other porn directories, you can’t buy higher rankings. So don’t bother trying.

Submission Guidelines

I prefer listing premium porn sites, but I do also review free sites, escort directories, and porn gaming sites IF they are good. That means they are well established, have good content, load fast, and have little to no ads. If you try submitting some generic site, don’t be surprised if I ignore you.

However, here are some ground rules for being considered on my site:

  • The site must have a minimum Alexa rank of 500,000
  • The website must be legal in most countries
  • The website must be mobile-friendly
  • The content must be unique and regularly updated

When submitting your site, be sure to include any information that might help me to review the site. This includes a description of your site, some basic statistics such as the year it was launched, pricing, and the amount of content. Also, let me know why you think the site should be considered to be the best in its category