The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

Hi – I’m known as “Lord of the Cameltoe”, the guy that made this site. It’s a porn directory, in case that wasn’t obvious. But like a lot of websites, writing the “About Me” page is the hardest part. So here’s my attempt:

I’m just a guy in his 30s who likes porn and wanted a better way to find out which sites had the best porno. That’s it.

Yo! I worship the ground you walk on. How can I contact you?

The easiest way to reach me is through email: [email protected]. I try and check my emails a few times a day, but shit happens so be patient. I’ll reply if you’re worth my time.

I want my super-duper cool porn site added to your list. Do I have to suck your dick?

Are you a content producer or porn site owner who wants their website added to my list? Use my contact page to submit your site and make sure you have added my banner to your site.

But – I’ve got to warn you. If your email is basically “Hi, please add my website.” and that’s it, I am going to ignore you. When you’re trying to contact me, put some effort into it. Give me details. Remember – my directory focuses on value for money. You’ve got to convince me why I should be sharing your website with my readers.

I’m annoying and I want to share my stupid opinion with you

Did you find something wrong with my site? Go fuck yourself because my site is perfect!

Maybe you’ve found a broken link or a huge mistake in a site’s ranking? Ok. Send me an email. I am always open to other opinions. If I got something wrong on a site review, I can try to fix that.

However, don’t try to trick me. If your site is bad, don’t come crying to me about it.