The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

Looking to get your dick wet? Or maybe find your soulmate? Either way, if you're looking to meet someone to have sex with, I've added the sites that can do that to this category.

What's the difference between a "dating site" and an "adult dating site"?

In reality, not a whole hell of a lot. Both styles of sites are there to connect people, both use the same sort of platforms, communication methods, and designs. Dating sites tend to focus on servicing people who wanting long-term relationships or at the very least, a short-term companion.

Adult dating sites are 100% all about sex. The goal is to find someone, get laid, and go on with your life. You could get lucky and find your future wife on a sex dating site. However, if that's what you're looking for you're probably not going to have much luck.

How much do sex dating sites cost?

It really depends on the site. Some charge a monthly membership fee and that's it. Others are free to join. However, to send messages or enter chat rooms, you'll have to pay. Some sites also have premium features that cost more. For example: sending gifts to other members or VIP style access. If you want to know how much it costs, it's probably going to cost $10 to $40 a month if you're looking on a site that charges money. Then again, Tinder is always free…

Aren't most sex dating sites for gay guys or weirdos with fetishes?

No. There are sites like Tinder and Fetlife that can be used for getting laid, but the most popular sex hookup sites are for heterosexual couples who enjoy regular style sex. If you are into more freaky or LGBTQ things, you can get very specific with your niches and find sex dating sites that match what you're looking for.

What sort of profile should I be making?

You want to be clear about what you're looking for. "I want a fun time" means a very different thing to someone who's into pee fetish than someone who wants to get a blowjob in their car. Be polite. Show a recent picture, and most importantly, be yourself.

Can I hide this from my wife/husband/partner/etc.?

Of course! Use common sense and a bit of internet savviness. You'll be fine. These sites have user IDs and passwords that you need to enter to access the site. Everything is very secure. The chances of being caught are extremely low. If you're paying with a card, be sure you know who reads the bills. However, it's better to involve your spouse in this kind of fun sex rather than try to hide it.

#1 SnapSext

Discover the Snapchat of Sex!  Find a collection of Snapchat thots who want to share nudes with you!

#2 Flingster

Chat with other people looking for a fun fling. No-strings-attached sex is what you’ll find here.

#3 InstaBang

As the name implies: Get Banged Instantly!  Browse one of the most popular no-strings-attached adult dating networks to find someone ready to fuck right now!

#4 AdultFriendFinder

Who hasn’t heard of Adult Friend Finder? Join the oldest REAL adult dating site today!


Discover the most popular dating site for fetish enthusiasts!

#6 Adult Dates

The Facebook of Hookups! Signing up is free. Adult Dates is the only social network for people looking to have sex with absolutely no-strings-attached!

#7 Free Hookup Affair

The OG free dating site where horny men and women can meet to hookup. No boring dates or chats. All you get to do is fuck horny married women.

#8 GetItOn

This dating site helps you find a sexually compatible partner!

#9 Shagle

One of the best new ways to meet new people that want to shag is on Shaggle.  Pun intended.

#10 No Strings Attached

Do you want to fuck but don’t want to be in a relationship? This adult dating site is for you!

#11 Arab Adult Dating

A free dating site filled with horny Arab girls looking to jihad on your dick!


An alternative to Tinder. Meet people who are only interested in hook-ups.

#13 GibmirSex

I don’t “sprechen ze dutch”, but I’m pretty sure GibmirSex means “Give Me Sex”.  Yes please!

#14 Asian Adult Dating

An amazing free dating site where only Asian girls create profiles. If you’re looking to fuck only Asian girls this is where you want to signup!

#15 Anal Adult Dating

The only free adult dating site where girls are looking for men to fuck them up the ass.