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What comes into your mind when you hear the word “chat?” 🤔

Here comes yet another website that claims to be a chat site. Well, in their defense, anything with a chat box with real participating people must be a chat site, right? With ChatPig, you will be getting the best of both worlds. Have you got any idea what kind of world they are collaborating with? Well, technically, it is not a collaboration. More like a sham. But is it still considered a sham if you are and can benefit from it? I think so. LOL. It’s not so bad after all, don’t worry. *wink*

ChatPig is one of those websites which will allow you to travel back in time. Going on, it will feel like you’re back in the early 2000s when the websites look completely basic. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It just looks a little boring for someone willing to use it in recent times. And to be fair, ChatPig claims a shit ton of features you’ll be giddy to hear about. One of those is diversity. Even though the site is left looking a bit like shit, you can rely on ChatPig to cater to the LGBTQIA+, which not many chat sites are doing. Kudos to them, I guess. 

ChatPig catering to the LGBTQIA+ is just the tip of the iceberg. When I said they have a shit ton of features for their users to choose from and enjoy, they do. Like most live sex cam sites, you can make a free account without strings attached. Now, do you have an idea what ChatPig is trying to do? You can say ChatPig is trying to be a live sex cam site in the guise of being a chat site. There’s nothing wrong with that, you know. Especially if the end goal is to address your horniness that not every stranger will welcome. 

Well, on the brighter side… 💦

Let’s overlook ChatPig’s promise of explicit random video chatting. On the brighter side, now you have a shit ton of girls to choose from. You can very well expect these hot and sexy girls to be fully naked with something right up their assholes or pussies, or both! Finally, you won’t be left hanging by your chat mate, who is not even on the verge of horniness. I know we’ve all experienced that. LOL. This time, your chat mate will be the one who will be waiting for you to get ready to get down and dirty. What a yummy sight to see! 

Now, based on ChatPig’s sign-up page, here are the benefits you should watch out for lest you become a member: 

  • Watch up to 16 webcams at the same time 
  • 16-way cam2cam video chat with no lag 
  • Broadcast on desktop and mobile devices 
  • Invite people you like to a private video chat 
  • Spy to see who anyone is watching at any time 
  • Give and receive tokens redeemable for cash 
  • Profile with photos, videos, ratings, and more 
  • Follow your favorite members and get followed 
  • Send offline love notes and fan mail messages
  • Display a custom message over your webcam
  • Fun games like dice, slots, and Dare Wheel 
  • Stand out with unique badges and avatars 
  • No monthly or annual membership fees 
  • 100% free with no credit card needed to join

Phew! That was a handful! Well, on the brighter side, they have a shit ton of that, right? However, like any other live sex cam site, you will need to shell out some cash if you’d like your sexual wishes granted. On the brighter side, you can do all the benefits and features mentioned above, even if you only have a free account. Yeah, sure, ChatPig isn’t free at all. It’s not anywhere near free, but in real life, isn’t almost everything like that? Alright, kidding aside, at least with ChatPig, you will get what you see and vice versa. Still pretty nice, right? 

Is ChatPig worth a visit? 

Is ChatPig worth a visit? You tell me. After reading all of this, do you still think ChatPig is worth visiting? Is it even worth your time? Like I’ve told you earlier, if you are eternally horned up and constantly looking for someone to hype up your horniness or at least ride it along with you, ChatPig is one of the sites that’ll make your life easier. Mainly because you will be welcomed immediately by a pussy instead of a pretty face. LOL. More than that, you’re going to watch porn. With every click, you will only be redirected to another new live sex cam. The wiser choice would be to utilize their 16-way cam2cam

ChatPig is one of the few “chat” sites that will allow you to chat with multiple beautiful ladies at once, and you are not even in a chat room. What a privilege! For someone who’s perpetually horny, ChatPig is the only site to go to. 

However, if you’re looking for casual conversations, a possible hookup near your location, or someone you can take it up a notch with, steer clear from ChatPig. This isn’t the right one to linger in. All in all, it’s a pretty nice live sex cam site masked by a chat site which, as a result, became a hybrid of both. Pretty fucking neat. 

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