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Is it a chat site or a live sex cam site? 🤔

Here’s yet another free video chatting service that floats on the internet. However, this one seems more like a live sex cam site than a video chatting service. Like all the chat sites you’ve come across, CamSkip claims that you will be able to mingle with thousands, if not millions, of free members in a randomly selected video chat. Hence, the name CamSkip. It also gives you a choice to skip your chat mate or not. However, as I always say, not all good things come for free. As expected, there’s a huge hole in CamSkip that you should watch out for. 

CamSkip has many features. One of them is the ability to chat with four girls simultaneously. Sounds magical? Not so much. Well, not until you realize that you will be participating in what seems to be a live sex cam, complete with an active group chat on the right side while the model or your so-called chatmate goes ham on the left side of the screen. And yes, much like a live sex cam site, you can give tips and command these girls to do whatever you want them to do for you. Sounds fair, but it’s far from what they have claimed to be. 

CamSkip claims to be a site filled with horniness, and true to their claim, it is. However, more girls seem to get on with that men, or whoever their audience is, must watch them do whatever sexual thing they get on camera. As long as you remain a guest, you won’t have any strings attached. Only being a guest will entitle you to the free part of CamSkip. It would be best if you became a VIP member to get whatever special benefits they have. It’s not at all free. But it’s not completely a scam, either. However, the only bummer is you’ll only get 10 minutes of cam time as long as you’re a free member. 

CamSkip — is it a skip or dip? 🧐

If you’re looking for a good live sex cam site with an active group chat, and the ability to watch four girls simultaneously live, CamSkip is a good site. You can either make do with your free 10 minutes as a free user or go all in by becoming a VIP member, which comes with several fees, of course. 

Like any other live sex cam site, you’ll only shell out some cash if you want to tip if you’re still not a VIP member. So, is CamSkip a skip or dip? Well, if you’re savvy for watching girls masturbate online with a shit ton of men and women watching along with you, CamSkip is one good site. But if you’re looking for legitimate chat mates, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

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