The Best List of Porn Sites of 2023.

Vidz 7

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This site no longer exists.

Congratulations! You just found the perfect porn tube site. 🥳

Finding the perfect porn tube site is always a pain in the fucking ass. There are just so many factors to always consider. You always thought you found the one, but then you’ll be hit with a high monthly premium, no downloads, short clips, not enough in the collection, and all of that fucking bullshit. I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced some of these and then just gave up finding the perfect porn tube site to wank your cock to. 

As someone who reviews porn sites, believe me, I’ve seen quite a few of the best, and then some of the worst, too. The worst are usually the ones disguised in fancy site layouts, only for you to find out that they are serving utter bullshit. Oh well. But anyway, today we’ve got another one that’s going to rock your fucking worlds. Welcome to Vidz 7. Why is it named that way? Well, that’s a question I’ll never be able to answer. LOL. 

I’m pretty sure after going through this site that Vidz 7 doesn’t have only 7 videos. That would be fucking crazy. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you start to navigate the porn tube site. But for now, let me welcome you to the perfect porn tube site of the moment. Congratulations for finding this page!

You’ve got choices, choices, and more choices!

The perfect porn site has video resolution choices and provides most of the porno performances in HD, at the very least. I know those guidelines do not sound like what a perfect porn tube site should be, but come on now, let’s be a little bit realistic. If you’re looking for 4K ultra HD, well, honey, I’m afraid you’ll really have to pay for that. LOL. 

Cutting to the chase, Vidz 7 doesn’t have 4K ultra HD, if you haven’t gotten the gist yet. But instead, they do serve a number of video resolution choices you can get your hands on. So yes, if you wanted to watch grainy on-screen fucking, you’re more than free to do so. If you don’t, then you can just really select the higher option, whatever highest HD resolution is available on the porn tube site. 

But who would really want to watch anything in a subpar quality? Well, you’d be surprised. The important thing here is that Vidz 7 has got some pretty solid choices. And even though it’s not the best and the highest quality out there, you’re bound to have some incredible wanking sessions from this moment on.

Do you even need to ask if there’s enough porn for everyone?

Vidz 7 is a porn aggregator. If you don’t know what that means, that means the porn tube site gets their porn stash from other porn sites. And yes, that includes all the premium porn sites you just couldn’t afford. Well, I’m not bashing you here, but why are you here reading this review instead of swiping your card on something that “suits you best”? 

Anyway, enough with the arguing. Vidz 7 getting their content from numerous paid porn sites means that they can have more content than the porn sites they’ve been getting their porno performances from. That said, there is definitely more than enough for everyone here who would like to get their hands on the real deal. 

So, how many is more than enough? It depends on your needs. It’s safe to say that Vidz 7 has thousands over thousands of porno performances waiting for you to click the play button on. Add the fact that Vidz 7 updates their porn collection daily with an unknown amount of XXX films. That definitely doesn’t get below 10.

Well, you’ve got your good old category selection.

Categories are great. They give you a wide selection of fucking fantasies you can’t seem to materialize for the betterment of your sex life. But you know, categories do vary. Sometimes it takes the form of a list of premium porn tubes, sometimes it becomes a list of the names of the porn stars, and sometimes it’s a mix of tags, the actual categories, porn sites, and porn stars. It’s a fucking conundrum, really. 

But Vidz 7, being the perfect porn tube site that it is, actually has a pretty organized categories section where you can see all the premium porn tubes, porn star names, tags, and the actual categories that we’re talking about. You know about that already, I’m pretty sure about that. Blowjob, cum shot, MILF, teen 18+, lesbian, gang bangs — these are what you will be getting in Vidz 7’s category section. Not too shabby, isn’t it?

What are you, a captain? You’ve never seen navigating this easy!

My definition of a perfect porn site is that they have a simple site layout that’s not too simple but not too complicated either. But when it comes to ads, that’s going to be a shot in the dark. Free porn tubes like Vidz 7 will always have ads. It’s up to you to remove them. That said, ad blocker works perfectly fine in Vidz 7. 

Vidz 7’s site layout is pretty simple. You get the options menu without any jazz added to it, the search bar that does nothing but search, and then the homepage that’s filled with thumbnails that show previews when you hover your mouse cursor over. That may sound simple, but without the complications that you’re so used to, you’ll find that a simpler life is better than having to deal with so much all at the same time.

And here’s the best part yet…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this more than enough throughout this whole review, so I’m dedicating one whole section to this epic fucking fact. Vidz 7 is a free porn tube. That means you can watch all the good things the porn industry can offer you without having to open your wallet, swipe your card, or count your coins. The best part is that this porn tube site is free. Nothing can get better than that.

The perfect porn site just opened its gates to you.

If you’re up for getting your hands on tons of high-quality content for free from the major porn studios that you couldn’t even click on, then just head on over to Vidz 7 and let it do its job. The perfect porn site just opened its gates to you and you shouldn’t think about whatever requirement is needed to get in. Just get in for fuck’s sake!

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