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I doubt you haven’t heard about X Hamster. Every new fapper’s go-to porn tube next to PornHub is X Hamster. That’s why it’s undeniable that X Hamster is the third most popular porn site, after X Videos and PornHub. X Hamster, not X Hampster, Hamster XXX, or whatever the hell you’re thinking about, was created in the faithful year of 2007. 

Right now, X Hamster’s home is in Limassol, Cyprus. The original idea was to provide something that holds more than just porn but makes the cock throb no less. So, what did the creators have in mind back then? Alex Hawkings is one wise man, but still, it’s no simple feat to create a porn site that will serve as a social networking site and a dating site all in one. 

Thinking that you’ve been here long enough to see the evolution that X Hamster has been through, I know it hasn’t been as smooth as this from the beginning. However, X Hamster made it work. You’re looking at a porn site, a live sex cam site, a dating site, and a social media site in one. Don’t worry; your cock is the only priority here! 

Everything’s here but hamsters! 🐹

I know you’ve been looking for the porn site that will give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more. It’s too cliche to say that X Hamster is the one, but that’s true. X Hamster has porno performances, live sex cams, a menagerie of porn stars, celebrities, authentic X Hamster creators, porn channels, tailor-made explicit videos, and even dating

Did that sound too much? I’m telling you, everything’s here but hamsters! LOL. Now, we all know we can’t control what the live sex cams and X Hamster’s dating scene qualities are. Frankly, who the hell cares? If it’s grainy, so be it. I’ve seen the performers and the performances, and even if it’s fully pixelated, cum will still ooze out of that damn cock. 

But on the other hand, when it comes to XXX movies, X Hamster knows their thing. They’ve been in the porn industry since 2007; it’s probably already their expertise. That said, you can get your hands on a shit ton of 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, and VR XXX movies. Ensure you have the right gadget, the biggest screen, and the best lube, and you’re good to go! 

Would a fuck ton suffice? 

I don’t know how much is in store for you. For me, if someone cannot define the numbers, there’s either too little or too much. For a 16-year-old porn site, what do you think? There’s a fuck ton that even they can’t get track of. LOL. Honestly, though, they really can’t. 

I’m repeating myself, but there are a fuck ton of porno performances on X Hamsters. The XXX movies range from professionally shot to authentically homemade and everything in between. X Hamster’s twist is that users can upload their magical creations with just a button click. That’s why you haven’t seen anything like X Hamster’s homemade goodies! 

In addition to the fuck ton you’ve been drooling for, there are also live sex cams available, and the performers come from every single corner of the whole fucking world. I’m telling you, nothing can get as authentic as these! And no if you’re wondering, I’m not bluffing, not even one bit. And while you’re checking X Hamster’s live sex cams, remember they have interactive toys and VR cams in tow, too. What a treat! 

X Hamster has everything under the sun and then some! 

With everything that X Hamster is offering, keeping track or looking for something must be a pain in the fucking ass. Fortunately, it’s not the kind of pain you’ll be hating. X Hamster figured out everything before you could set out your complaint. LOL. Although some complaints are unavoidable, ones about their categories are virtually non-existent. 

I’m not going to count how many categories X Hamster has. There’s just too much! 4K, HD videos, VR porn, and the usual BDSM, creampies, group sex, hentai, and more are waiting for you from their good old porno performance stash. However, remember that they have more than good old explicit videos. 

X Hamster’s live sex cams are segregated through girls and couples, best for privates, interactive sex toys, mobile, and VR cams. Meanwhile, their porn stars are organized from porn stars, celebrities, by countries, and X Hamster creators. On the other hand, the creators are differentiated by top creators, top creator videos, all X Hamster creators, and by country. You got everything under the sun and then some here. 

The easiest I’ve been to so far. 💯 

I usually complain about a fuck ton of things when it comes to site navigation. I love advanced search features, filters, and other shit that make my fapping life easier than it already is. Some porn tubes just don’t have these features for whatever reason, and it’s incredibly annoying, considering the year we’re in. I mean, come on! Are we still in the 90s or something? I was a sperm then, yet I still felt the disappointment. LOL. 

But I will save X Hamster from all the bad words I unleash. Do you know why? I don’t have anything to complain about here. Although their search bar isn’t as advanced as I’m used to, it helps that you can toggle between photos, videos, and users for easier searching. More than that, everything’s seriously laid out for you. All you have to do is to look around and click, and you’ll be there before you know it. 

The pages do not change, even if you click on another category or niche — the layout remains the same. Although it seemed a bit boring, it gave us a pretty smooth wanking session without going through the nitty-gritty of navigating. Overall, X Hamster is a porn site I learned about throughout the years. 

Sign up for free, and then go up from there. 

With everything that X Hamster is offering, one might think that it will be fucking expensive to wank on such a porn site. Well, not so much, I guess. X Hamster offers free most of their services, including live sex cams. If you’re new to the game, you can watch live sex cams for free unless you begin to want something more. 

That said, you can sign up for free in X Hamsters and only choose to open your wallet on things that matter. If you want to avail yourself of paid videos, subscribe to one of X Hamster’s in-demand channels or porn stars, or make your money rain on some cam girl or boy or trans. If you don’t want any of that, you can just look at the XXX movies, date around, or exchange explicit photos with some random user from X Hamster. Not so bad, huh? As long as it doesn’t break the bank! 

X Hamster is the heaven you’ve been looking for! 

If you’re looking for the best explicit film, the sultriest cam models, or some tailor-made porn — X Hamster is the place to be. But if you’re looking for a lifetime partner or want to dip into the dating scene and maybe sext for a while, surprisingly, X Hamster is still the place to be. This all-in-one porn tube changes the porn industry in more ways than one. Sign up for a free account to add some thrill to your otherwise mundane life. Come out one happy man. Happy wanking, brother!

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