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HQ Porner

72 score

I’m not going to lie; I spent an incredible amount of time looking for this porn site. Turns out I typed the words completely wrong, and I found out that many people are committing the same mistakes that I did. I was looking for HQ Porner instead of HQ Porner. LOL. What a fucking dumbass. 

Anyway, now that I’ve fapped and snapped many times over several XXX films on HQ Porner, I’ve only got a few things left to say about it. HQ Porner does what it says it would: provide high-quality porn at no price. And by high-quality porn, I mean it. HQ Porner gets its stash from all the big names in the industry, and you’ll never be disappointed, not even one bit! 

If you love Brazzers, Reality Kings, Penthouse, and PlayBoy but don’t have the budget to continue that pleasure, HQ Porner will give you everything you’ve been craving. Don’t expect anything less. As mentioned, HQ Porner gets its stash from all the big names, some of which I’ve already mentioned. It makes you feel giddy, doesn’t it? Right! Let’s get down to business! 

High-quality porn — nothing more and nothing less. 

I’m guessing that’s what HQ means in HQ Porner. High-quality, is that right? Even if it’s not, there’s no doubt that HQ Porner is quite dedicated to what they’re doing. No more looking at subpar XXX movies and crying yourself to sleep because that’s all you could afford or that’s all you could find in the vast world of the internet. 

HQ Porner gives you, and on a shiny customized silver platter at that, thousands upon thousands of free 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, and 60FPS porno performances at your disposal. HQ Porner continues to change the game by providing nothing less than that, and you’ll be surprised that you’re currently putting up with the kind of porn you’ve been wanking to. LOL. 

“Storage of high-definition porn” is what HQ Porner calls itself. While I wouldn’t call them a storage of some sort because they are deriving their precious porno videos from several high-ranking porn sites, I’d say this is a pretty good archive for when you can’t stand watching all those drool-worthy previews that only unlock when you swipe a card. 

Thousands upon thousands and still updating! 

As of writing, HQ Porner declares on their porn site that they already have 51,280 XXX movies. If you’re used to millions, this number might not seem enough. But don’t worry; HQ Porner provides regular updates. Just today, they added over 12 porno updates to their premium collection. Not that bad, huh? Although the amount of porno performances per update isn’t fixed, at least you can monitor how many films you’ll look forward to fapping to today. 

More importantly, HQ Porner emphasizes their 4K Ultra HD XXX films. You’ll see on the homepage, at the moment, that they currently have 47,090 4K Ultra HD films for all of us to devour. I guess the rest makes up Full HD and 60FPS, and anything less than that, right? 

Most of what you’re looking for can be found here. 

HQ Porner only contains 64 popular porn categories. That’s surprisingly few considering the rate at which their porno stash grows. I’m guessing the category selection will grow as the porn collection expands. But right now, we’ve got to get used to only having 64 items in the categories list. 

Don’t worry; most of what you’re looking for is already included in the categories section. The usual selection, such as old and young, POV, threesome, interracial, MILF, creampie, 1080p porn, and more, are already included. But with sites like HQ Porner, I don’t usually peruse their categories section. I feel they don’t pay that much attention to that particular section. 

If you want to dive in a little deeper, just look at the left-hand side of the screen on the categories section. You’ll find the keywords that might strike your liking and a few porn star names that you might find familiar. Those are still labeled as categories, but I guess they act more like tags since they are segregated with no thumbnails, sadly. They all work pristinely, nonetheless. 

Have you been on Tumblr in the early 2010s? 🤔 

Could you have owned a Tumblr account or blog in the early 2010s? If you’re older than that, I might have to do some explaining here. LOL. I did have a corny little corner in that precious social media site over 10 years ago. HQ Porner looked a little too familiar, if I may say. 

Aside from the cuteness that the baby pink, white, and gray color combination in HQ Porner brings, it is also surprisingly organized. They don’t play any shit here, and they made it obvious for all of us. Although there are no advanced search options, the homepage and any page you go to on the porn site provide everything you’ll ever need. 

Just remember to look at the left-hand side or look for some faintly-colored small fonts, and there you’ll find some tags, porn star names, titles, porn film running times, and more. Whoever created HQ Porner knows what they’re doing, and they made it a point to make this porn site as cute as humanly possible. Dainty yet fucking efficient. That’s how we all like it, don’t we? 

Come on, spill the prices! 

Since you’ve seen the big names I mentioned earlier, and you’ve probably also seen how high-definition even the thumbnails on HQ Porner are, the prices and subscription fees might be bothering your head right now. Well, don’t worry. I don’t have any price points to spill because there is nothing. Enjoy all the HD porn you’ve always deserved to have! But if you want to spend, you’re free to go to the source porn sites and swipe your card if that’s what you want. LOL. 

HQ Porner: The home free HD porn! 🏠 

The porn industry has been working extra hours to bring us everything we’ll ever want to stroke our cocks on for no price. HQ Porner is one of those sites. This easy-to-navigate porn site that provides consistent updates and a growing archive of truly high-definition porn is a god-send. And yes, you don’t have to worry about only being able to watch previews because HQ Porner only provides full-length versions. She’s a catch, isn’t she? Get your hands wrapped up on her before you lose sight! Although there are a few pesky ads, that doesn’t interfere with a great relaxing wanking session. Happy fapping, cheapskates!

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