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Your mega stash of on-screen fucking! 💯 

Let me guess, you’re a picky shithead who doesn’t want to fap to subpar porno performances, but you don’t want to open your damn wallet and pay for high-production value XXX films either? I know, I know. My guess went above and beyond. LOL. But don’t worry; we’re not judging your cheap ass here. Instead, we’re even encouraging it by bringing you Mega Tube.

Mega Tube is the next big thing. Heck, it might even be the biggest thing now that you’re reading this. Mega Tube is the free porn tube of your dreams that will leave you happy and your wallet closed. Well, not permanently closed, but you sure as hell won’t be spending even a fucking dime here.

Mega Tube is another addition to your free porn tube collection, but hear me out here. It’s handing you a mega collection of fucking you’ve never really seen before. Okay, maybe you’ve seen it already. You know, the previews from the premium porn sites you can’t access? Yeah, well, this time, you’ll be stroking your cock to the full-length scenes. Right, enough about all this yapping. Let’s get to know Mega Tube!

Eyes don’t lie, and it looks just about HD to me!

Okay, I’m going to spill it from the get-go. You won’t be getting 4K Ultra HD in Mega Tube. Don’t go at me with those horny puppy dog eyes. It’s totally fine! You’ve been too hyped up with the 4K shit. You don’t even appreciate the qualities that dropped your jaw a few years ago. But fair enough, 4K is like the basis of good porn. LOL.

What Mega Tube has is HD. The collection is so fucking high definition that you’ll begin to drool just by hitting the play button. You might ask, “Wait, it’s that good?” The answer is hell fucking yeah, it’s that good! Mega Tube doesn’t know how to disappoint. And since they can’t bring the absolute best to the table, they went ahead and configured every single porno performance on the site to 1080p HD. Well, to be fair, I think they also threw in a couple of 720p HD in there, but it’s high definition nonetheless.

If you’re thinking that you can just go on and fix the video resolution to whatever quality you’d like, I hate to break it to you, but Mega Tube won’t let you do that. There’s no video resolution selection in Mega Tube’s porno performances. Instead, you get the assurance that every XXX film you’ll click play on won’t be fucking subpar.

Are you ready to crunch the fucking numbers?

I’ll be honest — there are too many numbers to crunch on Mega Tube! My calculator wasn’t able to handle it. LOL. But the best thing is that you’ll see just how many XXX movies are in store for you in the categories. Each thumbnail contains a number label on the left and the right bottom part of it.

However, here’s the kicker: only 20 categories have thumbnails on it. And yes, you’re right — that means the categories that got the thumbnails are the famous ones you’ll click on relentlessly. But anyway, that’s for another conversation. As for the porno video quantity, you’ll see the numbers beside each word. And unfortunately, not every category has a label on how many photos they have.

Expect over a hundred thousand porno performances and possibly the same amount for explicit photos. The photos are for when you don’t have enough time to sit down and watch a proper porno. I’m sure you already know what to do with it. You’re the expert, aren’t you?

Don’t be misled; you’ve got a fucking lot!

If you click on the categories button, it’ll first show you a drop-down menu that’s kind of annoying and somewhat confusing the first time you see it. Eventually, you’ll spot the “all categories” button on the lower right side of the drop-down menu, and it’ll lead you to the full page that’s filled to the fucking brim with categories imaginable and unimaginable.

But wait, don’t be misled. As mentioned earlier, there are only 20 categories with thumbnails and numbers of photo content on them. That doesn’t mean Mega Tube only has 20 categories. That’s absurd! Instead, you can see the full A to Z list completed with the number of porn videos beside each word. Now, isn’t that amazing?

You’ve got a fuck ton of categories to choose from, and I’m only talking about one letter. How much more if you explore the A to Z? That’s fucking crazy. But anyway, at least you know you won’t be standing anytime soon from that “experienced” chair. LOL!

It’s simple, fresh, and doesn’t lead you anywhere.

Mega Tube’s site layout is simply refreshing. If you’ve got a trusty ad blocker turned on, you won’t find any pesky ads anywhere! And yes, that includes pop-ups. Or maybe Mega Tube simply doesn’t have any pop-up ads for you to worry about? Either way, the site is simply perfect. You don’t have an advanced search option, but that’s fine! At least it’s perfect.

Mega Tube will welcome you with a homepage filled with thumbnails of just the right size with a short preview of the climax that’ll make you drool like crazy, the title, the porn stars featured in the porno, the site where it’s from, the number of views it has gained, and the hours from when it was last uploaded.

Additionally, you won’t have a hard time going around Mega Tube. All the menu options can be found right under the search bar, and the buttons on the right side of the screen will most likely get the least of your attention. Who wants to upload their nasty stuff anyway? But if you do, no one’s going to stop you. *wink*

Do you have to pay for anything?

So, you saw that Mega Tube allows users to sign up, log in, have favorite porno scenes, see their visited XXX movies, and have a liked porn collection. They can even upload their shit, right? And that made you feel like this one will be a premium porn site, right? Don’t worry; Mega Tube is a free porn tube. That means you don’t have to pay for anything at all! I hope that answered your question.

Mega Tube is for the mega fappers who’d like mega content for no mega price. 😉

Are you looking for a premium fapping experience without paying the hefty premium price tag? Mega Tube has got your back! Now you have a growing collection of HD fucking that’s available at your beck and call anytime and anywhere. And you even have many photos you can drool over anytime you want to do the nasty but can’t. Go ahead and dive in!

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