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FA King

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Your favorite Spanish fucking made it even better! 💯 

Porn is great. That’s the one thing that does not go wrong in this world, and I’m pretty sure every single one of you horned-up dudes will agree with me. No matter what kind of porn you’re watching or into, it’s always fail-proof. But there’s just one group of ladies that everyone simply cannot get enough of, and I’m sure you already know about it.

Have you ever seen how a Spanish señorita got down and dirty? If you haven’t, here’s your chance to finally see one. If you have, then you’re one lucky bastard. These señoritas and señoras have the body of a goddess. Perfectly plump tits, a bouncing booty, a flat stomach, and to top it all off, you’ve got a beautiful face that only gets better when they moan in pleasure. Now, where the hell will you be able to find these girls’ melting pot?

Well, lucky you, stumbling upon FA Kings. FA Kings is the melting pot of Spanish babes in question. You’ll encounter two problems when you go on a premium porn site. First, if you don’t know how to fucking speak or read Spanish, you might find Google Translate handy. And second, these girls are just too fucking good at what they do; you might run out of cum. Sure, you might have seen Spanish fucking before, but nothing can do it like how FA Kings does it.

It’s not the best, but it’s still one of the best.

FA Kings, unfortunately, will not be giving you your most drooled-for 4K Ultra HD. Is it disappointing? Well, if they offer at least Full HD, it’s not so disappointing anymore. What’s important is the fact that you will be able to see all the boobies, butts, and pussies that you can consume in one sitting. So, the question is, will you be able to do that, at least?

The short answer is yes, you can stroke your cock to all the best views and angles of the bouncing butts and titties and all the pussies and asses getting pounded by throbbing cocks. Yep, that’s the short answer. LOL. The long answer is yes, you can watch Spanish XXX movies in Full HD. However, you won’t be allowed to adjust the video resolution to subpar as you’d like or vice versa.

So you see, FA Kings may not offer the best video quality out there, compared to the other premium porn sites in this day and age, but still, you’ll be getting the best and the freshest selection of Spanish fucking like you’ve never seen before. I’m telling you, there’s just something in Spanish on-screen fucking that you won’t be able to see in other porno performances.

FA Kings has a growing porn collection you’d love to get your hands on!

As a premium porn tube, you should probably expect that you won’t be getting content as frequently as the free porn tubes you’ve been frequenting recently. That’s because of the high production value. The real deal takes time, especially since FA Kings aren’t aggregating their precious shit from other porn tubes. That said, the porn stash you’ll get your hands on isn’t as much as you expected.

So, how many porno performances do FA Kings have? As of writing, the collection has already amounted to 20,320 XXX films. Yes, I did count that one by one, and yes, I did have the patience to do that while shaking hands with the milkman to some of the category thumbnails that got the best of me.

There’s no clear schedule as to when FA Kings updates their porn stash, but you won’t be able to go through all twenty fucking thousand in one sitting, so while you’re stroking your cock to some hot Spanish bitch, the collection grows bigger and better, like that Spanish cock that’s been all over the place.

And it has a fair amount of categories, too!

I believe you’ll be a little taken aback by this part. Porn tube sites usually only provide a handful of categories you can choose from. But FA Kings are trying to play the game differently this time. Well, to each their own, I guess. Can you guess how many categories they have that houses all five digits of their porn stash?

Cutting to the chase, FA Kings has 107 categories. Of course, the famous porno vocabulary words are in it, but with a Spanish twist this time. That’s why I’m telling you that if you don’t understand Spanish, you’ll have a swell time copying and pasting everything on Google Translate before getting a good fapping.

However, the thumbnails will come to the rescue. The thumbnails show what kind of fucking you should expect in the category you clicked on. If you see one girl sucking a cock like there’s no tomorrow, that category probably contains blowjobs. But if you see multiple girls lining up to suck a cock or get fucked, you better figure out whether that’s a gang bang, an orgy, or still a part of the blowjobs category. LOL.

If you don’t speak Spanish, that might be a big problem. 😅

Did you ace your Spanish subject in high school, or did you flunk it and spend most of your time in detention? If you think that doesn’t matter, well, it does now. LOL. The main problem is that FA Kings’ porn site does not translate into English. Well, it didn’t translate in my case, so I had a great bonding time translating the words one by one. LOL.

The hot pink, purple, gray, and white combination seemed fitting since it didn’t hurt my eyes that much. LOL. Like your good old porn site, the options menu can be found right under the header, the search bar is conveniently placed on the right side, and everything can be found if you scroll a little bit down.

FA Kings will not give you headaches, even if you refuse to pay the subscription fee. And yes, there is a membership fee, but we’ll talk about that later. The homepage is filled with Full HD previews that will hook you right in! Go ahead, click on one, and watch the minutes pass like seconds!

FA Kings doesn’t know how to break the bank.

So, now that you’ve learned that you’re not looking at a free porn tube let’s talk about the prices. FA Kings come in euros, not dollars. There are four membership prices to choose from, and don’t worry; FA Kings does not know how to break the bank even if the prices are in euros. Check them out below:

  • €9.99 per month for 12 months billed as €119.88 annually 
  • €15 per month for 6 months billed as €90 every 6 months 
  • €25 per month for the premium access 
  • €2 for 2 days

Have you chosen which plan suits you best? If you haven’t yet, you’re more than welcome to peruse all the previews you can handle before deciding to finally swipe that damn card.

El mejor porno only at FA Kings!

Exclusive Spanish porno performances, a growing collection of sultry butts, pussies, and tits, FA Kings-exclusive series and videos, and amateur and professional Spanish babes and dudes getting down and dirty in the best way possible. That sounds like a dream come true. Get your hands on FA Kings and practice your Spanish simultaneously!

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