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Ever wonder what would happen if hentai actually happened in real life? All those tentacles and aliens seem impossible to remake or even edit in, but Hentaied defied all the odds you’ve been thinking about. Hentaied’s site will make you think it’s another feature film made by all those flashy names in Hollywood with a banging budget. You might be right, you might also be wrong. Just know that the production of each one of these videos costs a fucking fortune, and you’ll definitely be getting more than what your money’s worth with every video you fap to. 

Hentaied’s site has a minimalist and refreshing approach. Only having a plain black background with white font and purple buttons, your eyes will surely thank you even after hours upon hours of staring at your computer. You might even arrive at an impression that Hentaied is a premium fucking site that only accepts black cards from all around the world, but nope. No matter how high brow this site may seem, it’s dedicated to all of us who kept wondering what those hentai tentacles will look like in real life. You’ll only be able to feast your eyes on premium-looking ladies that are consistently banged by cum-oozing tentacles, nothing more than that and nothing less than that. If you’re fond of hentai just like I am, this is a whole new approach to it, and you’ll definitely will not want to go back to the usual cartoon fucking we’ve all been used to. 

According to their details posted, Hentaied was only launched in 2020. Pretty fucking impressive if you have seen the level of their graphics already. It seemed like they’ve been around for a long time, but nope, they’re just a toddler bringing their A-game in this industry. With tons of taboos with twists recently, Hentaied, so far, is the greatest one of all. All of their videos are obviously shot by professionals, going so far as to provide mind-blowing edits and effects that might even distract you from your wanking session. Currently, with their limited selection, you’ll still be able to feast your eyes on Asian, Latina, American, and European faces getting fucked intensely by black tentacles. You’re probably thinking you’ll run out of videos even before your cum oozes out. There’s nothing to worry about as Hentaied has religiously practiced uploading one mind-blowing porno per week. That’s fucking awesome considering the amount of work that goes into every minute of the performance. 

Now before you go unzipping those already wet pants of yours, I’ll have you know that Hentaied only publishes strictly exclusive content only with one main theme: hentai. If you’re looking for something other than tentacles, demons, or whatnot, this place might not be for you. Scoot along now and make way for those who are destined to be fucked and fapped by imaginary creatures who bring amazing sex to this mortal world.

The Pandora’s Box of Hentai

Hentaied is essentially Pandora’s box of hentai. Once you open it, you’ll be greeted with endless amazement, horniness, and an amount of pornos to drool over and fap to, I’m not even kidding. Hentaied brings us live-action bukkakke, tentacle play, squirting, cosplay, and all of the hidden unreal and bizarre fetishes in your head. Most of the scenes you’ll come across in Hentaied are of solo girls getting banged by giant octopuses, demons, elves, and anything you can think of. But, you might also come across a few scenes with two girls and pregnant women having their dreams fulfilled by whoever they wish would fuck them. The tentacle play, being the most famous and sought-after hentai scene, is the most common scenario in Hentaied. You’ll see naughty babes getting double penetrations, pussy penetrations, sloppy blowjobs, creampies, and any kind of cum shot and cum facial you can think of. These tentacles will fill every hole in the woman’s body until they make the “ahegai” face, which is the staple orgasm face of those Japanese anime girls. 

Currently. Hentaied has approximately 80+ videos in their roster. With each video averaging 25+ minutes, you’ll surely have enough time to jack your shaft off. Just like what I mentioned earlier, Hentaied adds one porno performance per week, so you’ll likely won’t run out of live-action hentai to fap to, even if you go rogue and wank 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, for those of you who are looking for photo galleries, stills, behind-the-scenes shots, and beauty shots of these intricately dressed-up girls, there are no photo sets available. But, there is available hentai artwork in their NFT button that you can freely hang on the walls of your room or wherever you want to put it. 

To put the icing on the cake, all of Hentaied’s videos are uploaded in crisp 4K ultra-high definition. No buffering, no lagging, just pure ultra fucking HD right in front of you. Not to mention the live-action hentai we have all been dreaming and drooling about. You can also use tags to find your meticulously dreamt about hentai porno and leave out your comments and ratings for Hentaied to know how satisfied or dissatisfied you were with one of their videos. One of the best perks that only a few porn sites have is the ability to reach out to the management and suggest a scene or even a whole video’s concept. 

Of course, all good things must have a few bad things to level them out. The cons about Hentaied is that there are no unlimited downloads even after you’ve paid for the most expensive membership plan they have. You’ll have to individually purchase a porno that might cost you around 12 Euros. There are also no categories, not much of options available, and no search engines as well. Though the site is still a baby, we can hope that they’ll add these features in the long term. 

Hentaied Seat Prices

Whether you’d like to grab the front row, the middle, or even way far out the back, you’ll still get a good view as you’ll be considered one of the pioneer fappers to ever wank your junk on an actual meticulously edited live-action hentai porno. Currently. Hentaied offers four kinds of membership plans that cater to every kind of budget that we have. 

  • €29.70 per month for the 30-day full access 
  • €5.99 for the 1-day trial which will recur at €29.70 per month for each 30 days
  • €118.80 per 6 months for the 180-day full access 
  • Pay with a gift card and be granted full access to the whole site (Apple, Walmart, Target, and more)

All of these membership types except for the gift card payment are recurring and cancellable anytime you want. Hentaied currently accepts payments from DialXS, InovioPay, and PayGarden. I suggest you grab this one heck of a deal now and enjoy Hollywood-level hentai exclusively for your fapping pleasure. 

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