The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

Parodies… What do you mean by that? 🤔

Google says that the word parody means to produce a humorously exaggerated imitation of something. That's exactly what you'll get with the porn sites that the Paid Porn Guide has included in this list. What kind of parodies are you going to get, anyway? Well, in the world of porn, there are a shit ton of parodies you can choose from. Whether the porno performance is from a paid or free porn site, it's filled with all the same characters you can see on your normal TV series or cartoon show. Only one thing is different, and it's the fact that almost everyone included in the scene is incredibly horned-up.

It's a hundred percent true when google said that parodies are incredibly exaggerated. Isn't all of the porn as exaggerated and grandiose compared to real-life fucking? That's what we're all here for! But when it comes to porn parody performances. But don't worry; all your favorite fucking positions and situations are involved. Whatever your carnal craving for the day, it will surely be met with one or more of the XXX films on these premium porn sites. Don't forget the word premium because if they didn't add that word, then we won't even be batting an eye at these sites.

Let me ask you, what's your favorite TV show? Do you still have a favorite cartoon or fictional TV series that gets you all riled up and giddy? Chances are they need a porn remake to make things spicier than ever. The Paid Porn Guide once again presents us with a list of the best porn parodies and movie parodies this year has to offer. It gets all the more interesting this time because this list isn't only filled with porn; there's something more! Probably even better, but it depends on who I'm talking to. Do you like playing games? *wink*

So am I meant to stroke my dick to it, laugh at it, or what?

Hmm, that is a tough choice to make. Should you watch it without drooling, or should you shake hands with the milkman before watching it and laughing at it? Parodies are meant to make you laugh, anyway. So, where should we start? Whether you horn yourself up with these porno performances or laugh at it first, one thing's for sure: your eyes will be glued to the screen of whatever gadget you're using. What I just said is an understatement, by the way. The scenes you'll see here might even be a thousand times better than the original! Am I exaggerating? No, I am not.

Since you're reading this on the Paid Porn Guide's page, you're meant to stroke your dick to it! You can laugh at it, but what's important here is that each scene tickles your pickle, as it should. Except if it's the game you're looking at, it's more complex than we've just discussed. Are you beginning to get confused? Yeah, me too. The selection is just too diverse, even if only four sites are included in this list. Talk about variety. You'll surely have a shit ton of it here, whatever you're looking for. Let's go over them briefly, shall we?

To answer your question, whether you're meant to stroke your dick to it or not depends on the kind of porn we're talking about. The Paid Porn Guide included a few non-related porn sites in this list; you might get confused for a moment. First on the list is a real-life hentai porn site. Yeah, real life. It's a parody not worth laughing at because it's one of a fucking kind. The next two porn sites are your regular old horned-up parodies where famous porn stars act as your favorite TV characters. But this time, they're wearing skimpy clothing and are as horny as a fucking horse. The last one? Oh, it's a game you'll be immersed in for days.

Now, should you be laughing or stroking your dick? You tell me, buddy.

Okay, keep talking. So how is it going to be? 🤨

This list has hundreds upon hundreds of explicit full-length takes of your favorite TV shows. Not to mention more than a handful of real-life tentacle sex and one game that'll keep you staring at your computer screen for ages. Does it sound too good to be true? I think it does, but it doesn't because it's looking at you now. So, how's it going to be? Here's some explanation for that. Of course, nothing good ever comes for free. What does that mean? It means you'll have to pay for access if you don't want to shell out a few dollars. There's still something left for you to play with.

You're right if you guessed that the lone game on this list is the one free porn content you'll get. The game is on the last number on the Paid Porn Guide's list of the best porn parodies and movie parody porn of 2022, and it's one thousand percent free to download. There aren't even any in-game purchases you'll need to make. Just make sure to pass every level so you can get to the much-awaited animated fucking scenes. How's that, for starters? Most porn games you can find are total shit, but this one might take the crown for the best freebie.

Now, as for the remaining ones, previews might be available on the site itself or on some free porn tubes you can access, but nothing gets better than stroking your already throbbing cock to the real deal. A few dollars aren't going to break the bank. Give yourself the plot twist you've longed to see by getting a membership in at least one of the sites here. You won't regret it, that's for sure. But you better be ready because the actions are always intense. Not like the ones you've grown used to.

#1 Hentaied

Enjoy real-life hentai and tentacle porn. Hentaied takes fetish porn to a whole new level!

#2 That Sitcom Show

Ever wondered what it would be like if Penny from the Big Bang Theory had a gangbang with all the nerds? Or if Peggy and Kelly from Married with Children teamed up on Al? Dream no more! Nubiles has made your every sick fantasy come true.

#3 Nubiles ET

All of your favorite TV shows, movies, and even Twitch Streamers get their own porn parodies! Fuck using your imagination when you can see the real thing.

#4 Game of Whores

Game of Thrones: The porn game!  Watch Daenerys fuck entire hordes of huge cocks in this insanely well designed free online 3d sex game.