The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

Welcome to the world of Bukkake! And no, it’s not a kind of anime. LOL!

Have you seen the word bukkake commonly around free porn tubes? I think free porn tubes should be more diverse than the paid ones because a shit ton of people frequent those sites. Not a lot of us want to swipe our cards every time we find some good-quality porn, you know. LOL. But seriously, which one is more commonly known, cum facials or the term ‘bukkake?’ I haven’t seen that word until I was well into the world of porn, and trust me, that’s not very long ago. If you’ve come across a few high-quality bukkake porn across porn sites, you regularly visit, then congratulations! Here’s the treat you’ve been waiting for.

In all seriousness, many people correlate bukkake to hentai only because it’s both Japanese words. They sound pretty anime-like, too. There’s no shame in that, don’t worry! We’re all here to learn new things about porn before diving in. I do wish bukkake was some anime. Listening to the word repeatedly makes me think it’s like an action-thriller genre of those little Japanese cartoons. In the world of porn, it might be included in action-thriller XXX film themes, but to us horned-up pervs, it’s action-filled and thrilling, if you know what I mean. *wink*

Now, setting aside our collective disappointments about bukkake being nothing next to anime (or some sort), let’s get to the real deal. Bukkake is every man’s fantasy, and you’re free to correct me if I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong in this case. Do you know why? Who, with a fresh hot load, wouldn’t want to blow it on some beautiful, barely legal banger’s face? Oh well, that’s my fantasy. But it’s pretty nice to think of. You can put some MILFs in there, cougars, cuckolders, naughty teens, and even your favorite porn star. Welcome to the world of Bukkake!

No, it’s also not some spa-themed porn.

Oh man, here’s another misconception we commonly have. Since its more common label is “facial porn” or simply the word “facial,” many viewers think it’s somehow related to masseuse porn. Well, it could be at some point. Many masseuse XXX films have facials in them, to be fair. Although it would be nice to see it in spa-themed porno performances, it’s not as common as we think it should be. No matter how calm and collected it sounds, Facials belong to the more adventurous side of on-cam fucking, if you know what I mean. If you haven’t found out about it, it’s high time for you to be fapping to facial pornos.

Now that I’m thinking about it, a few relaxing scenes are included in the Paid Porn Guide’s list of the best facial porn sites and bukkake porn of 2022. Again, this category is pretty versatile; although it sometimes sounds boring, it is only one word. But then again, how can this not be every man’s fantasy? Alright, alright. Let’s cut to the chase! I’ve mentioned it earlier, and here I am, going to mention it again. I see you’re getting pretty giddy over there. LOL. I hope your credit card’s all giddy for swiping, too, for later.

Is there something more adventurous than throbbing cocks blowing all the cum they could collect onto a beautiful hot lady’s face? Imagine this: after getting a mind-blowing blowjob session, the girl of your dreams kneels so politely in front of you, patiently waiting for you to burst all the cum her small, pretty face could handle. That’s just the most common scenario there is. Hundreds, if not thousands, of girls from all sides of the horny (and your fantasy) spectrum are impatiently begging to have cum all over their faces to make it more drool-worthy. These crazy, horned-up ladies will do just about anything! Now, are you ready to handle that?

Why don’t we make those beautiful faces one thousand times better?

You know the industry of porn. As soon as you open this door that’s bursting at the seams, you should know very well that there’s no going back. That’s just how serious it is, and the producers will keep feeding your fantasies nonstop as soon as they see your nubile face smiling. LOL. Speaking of that, facials and bukkake porn has been one of the crowd favorites, especially for the newbies who still have the patience of a cow (or a horse?). Every porn site imaginable has all the wonderful porn star faces plastered across their homepages; nothing beats the face of an angel waiting for a facial.

Every porn star’s face is beautiful. Why don’t we make that even more beautiful by looking at it in a different light? Understandably, we all have our favorite porn stars. However, the Paid Porn Guide went the extra mile and included sixteen amazing facial and bukkake porn sites filled to the brim with nothing less than the most cum-oozing, horned-up nubiles the porn industry could ever rake in. Nubiles can easily dethrone even the top-rated porn stars, and you know very well about that. And yes, you guessed that right — you can finally overdose on all the nubiles that could handle your cum! Or is it the other way around? LOL.

Now that you have hundreds upon hundreds of nubile beauties right at the tip of your finger, the most sensible thing to do is to make their faces one thousand better by cumming on them, albeit virtually. Don’t worry; you have a menagerie of categories to choose from. And it’s not just facials and bukkake porn we’re talking about. The Paid Porn Guide included hand jobs, top-rated MILF blowjobs, POV style blowjobs complete with cum swallowing, wild bachelorette parties, hentai (yeah, diverse, I know!), and of course, what’s better than 999 facials? One thousand facials, of course! Are you ready to blow that big load?

Ready to join the cum squad?

Not many people are more than ready to join the cum squad, you know. It’s not for us to speculate. But since you’re reading this, I know you’re more than ready to. Unfortunately, joining the cum squad comes with some membership fees you have to settle every month. Nothing that’s going to break the bank don’t worry. But then again, it depends on your immersion in the Paid Porn Guide’s latest offering. The rates depend on the porn sites you choose for the day, and of course, if you choose more than a handful, the bills will keep coming in.

Do not worry, my pervy friend. All billers will be discreet to save you from whatever it is that you need saving from. All of the sites that the Paid Porn Guide has included here are premium, member-exclusive porn sites overflowing with member-exclusive content. Yep, that means you won’t be able to see any porno performances on the posters included in any free porn tube you’ve been frequenting. However, on some free porn sites, you might find some of their previews. Nothing goes over one minute, of course, and unfortunately. LOL. These sites also offer previews for those who want to test the waters first.

But with these kinds of premium contents, who the fuck wants to test the fucking waters first? Like what the girls are doing, you should dive head-on into one of the most pleasurable porno categories. Facial porn sites and bukkake porn are among the rarest, too. Not all makeup-wearing beauty will want to have cum blown on their face, you know. And if these girls (nubiles at that!) beg for that to happen, you better unzip those pants and wank the day away!

#1 Hentaied

Enjoy real-life hentai and tentacle porn. Hentaied takes fetish porn to a whole new level!

#2 Blow Pass

Get a magical pass to all of the best blowjob porn ever made! This site is LE-GEN-DARY!

#3 POV Life

When you want to get as close to the action as possible, POV Life makes you seem like you’re in the scene. Blow jobs, ass fucking and sweet pussy – all right there and ready to go!

#4 Cum Fiesta

Amateur chicks taking the biggest facial cumshots, that’s what Cum Fiesta is about! There are no pansy blow jobs here, these chicks give the best head around, and take huge cum shots to their face at the same time.

#5 Cum Blast City

Hot women of all ages get absolutely demolished by the biggest loads of cum known to man.

#6 1000 Facials

What’s better than 999 facials? 1,000 facials! Enjoy the biggest archive of facial porn available today

#7 Slime Wave

Groups of euro babes suck fake dicks through gloryholes and get blasted with gallons of cum. I love me some extremely wet & messy porn!

#8 Blow Me POV

Find out how good French-Canadian girls are at giving head. Spoiler: They are amazing!

#9 Big Mouthfuls

Watch these horny sluts get their mouths filled with loads of juicy cum!

#10 Dancing Bear

Ever wondered what happens when bachelorette parties get too wild? Dancing Bear is one of the top CFNM porn sites to ever exist!

#11 Facial Fest

Watch this collection of the best facial videos ever produced by Bangbros. These amateur Miami girls never knew what hit them (in the face!)

#12 Tease POV

Teasing POV videos featuring the sluttiest girls in the porn industry!

#13 Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle was among the first solo girls to gain international recognition. Find out why Bang Bros made her a star!

#14 See Mom Suck

Mommies get down and suck hard peckers until they are completely covered with juices!

#15 Cum Squad

Dedicated to massive gangbangs and bukkake. This site delivers gallons of semen over the faces of some really hot euro sluts.

#16 Finishes The Job

Watch sluts who absolutely know how to finish the job in this exclusive handjob, pov and facial porn series.