The Best List of Porn Sites of 2022.

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What is a live sex site? How does it work?

Live sex sites are more commonly known these days as "cam sites". It where a cam model streams sex acts from their home and viewers pay for it. It can be interactive, where the viewers can let the cam girl know what sort of actions they want to see, or it can just be a one-sided performance similar to a porn video. Cam sites are not restricted to gender/age/sexuality/fetish – if you want to see it, there's more than likely a performer out there that does it. That being said, the majority of live sex performers are women who are entertaining straight men.

How much does a cam show cost?

To be honest, it can be free. It can also cost as much as you want to spend. Most of the live sex websites run off one of two payment methods.

The first is a pay per minute model – you pay a dollar amount for every minute you want to watch a cam girl perform. Usually, this is in the $1 to $5 per minute range but can go higher for popular pornstars or super-specialized niches. The upside to this price structure is that it's usually just you and the cam girl interacting 1-on-1. That means you're getting all of their attention. They're more likely to accept your requests.

The other style is with a group. The cam girl sets a list of sex acts and a goal for each. For example, she might take off her bra when she hits $25 in credits, or a male cam model might jack off for three minutes if their $50 goal is hit before the countdown ends. Everyone watching can contribute any amount to reach that goal. Sometimes the "reward" is only shared with those who donated. Other times, the stream remains public so that even the people who did not contribute money can enjoy.

Almost all the sites out there work on a token system. You need to use a credit card to purchase tokens. Then you can spend these tokens on the site. They can be used to purchase private time with a cam girl, buy downloadable content, etc. Cam sites all have different names for their tokens, but they pretty much all work the same way.

Hold up - I get can watch all this stuff for free?

That really depends on the website and the cam girl. Some sites have specific rules about what they can do or show for free. This may mean keeping things at a PG-13 level, or some nudity but no penetration. Other sites don't have any regs at all, but smart cam girls know that guys will pay for some stripteasing, and pay even more for watching her shove a dildo up her ass. But if you're on a live sex site that uses group contributions, you can jerk off for free if the others in the group foot the bill.

If you're poor and don't want to spend any money, some live cam sites have ways to earn their tokens for free. You'll have to dig around for it, and it may involve some leg work on your end, but they exist.

What makes one live sex site better than another?

For me, it's all about the quantity and variety of the models on the site. Sure, you can zero in on a super-specific niche and maybe get three or four live cam girls that know how to get your cock hard, but what happens when those girls are all offline? I prefer a site that has a lot of models and an easy way to narrow down your search. That way, if I'm in the mood at lunchtime, or in the middle of the night, or whenever, I can pretty much guarantee there's going to be a cam girl available to chat with.

Then, you want sites that have some kind of minimum requirements for their live streamers. Good cameras and fast connections are two of the biggies that are usually regulated. But, the state of the performer's room is also important. No one wants to see an old laundry basket filled with dirty underwear in the background while trying to watch a cam girl get anally railed.

The other thing to keep in mind is that with a site's token system, you're committing yourself to a site until all those tokens are spent. You don't want to have them sitting there if the site isn't offering anything that you want to watch.

So these girls are actually real, right? All of the girls are live and aren't pre-recorded?

95% of the time, yeah. The girls are actually there, seeing your messages, and performing for you on a live stream. So much of a cam girl's performance is based on that interaction, and they know they'll rake in the most money when they're pleasing their audience.

There are some times where a recording is good. A lot of the cam girls will record their best streams and offer it to their fans. This is perfect if there's a special performance coming up that you want to see, but you'll miss it for some reason. You won't be able to take part and help direct the action, you can still see what's gone on while you were away. It's also a good way to help out a cam girl who needs to go offline for a while, but you want to support them still.

Do I have to have a super-fast computer for this sort of thing?

If you've got a dial-up connection, you might have some issues. Live streaming videos require a good internet connection. If your computer or mobile device can handle Netflix or YouTube, then you should be fine to watch live cam girls.

What if I want to become a webcam model?

It sounds like fun, right? Most live sex sites have some sort of referral or sign up option for people who want to become a cam girl. (Usually, It's somewhere near the bottom of the page.). It doesn't cost anything to get started.

But before you signup, you should know that being a webcam model is not as easy as it seems. Those that become popular work very, very hard. The most successful cam girls treat it like a full-time job. On the upside, if being an exhibitionist is your sorta thing, then maybe the income isn't as big of a deal.

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