The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

Let’s take it up a notch, shall we? 😉

Gone are the days when traditional porn entertained us to bits. I mean, not completely. Maybe you get the gist. Traditional porn just isn’t tugging our wieners like it used to. Or maybe I’ve just had too much of it? I’m sure many chaps out there seem to not get fully satisfied anymore with wanking their cocks to good old thirty to fifty-minute porno performances. If you’re not one of them, then congratulations! You’ve still got a long way to go in the vast industry of porn. If you’re one of us looking for something new to stroke our dick, too, you’re in the right place!

Traditional porn will always remain, don’t worry. We’re not in the talks about completely scrapping it out and replacing it with something new. Five to fifty minutes of role-playing and fucking with rehearsed moans are the OG. Those kinds of XXX films will still be around for generations to come. But if you’ve been shaking hands with the milkman daily to the videos you find on the homepage of your go-to porn site, doesn’t it get a bit boring? Going from one category to another is time-consuming, don’t you think? You should already be fapping instead of casually browsing a porn site like a social media site.

Why don’t we take it up a notch? Don’t worry! This isn’t some scam or something. I’m not here to devour your credit card. LOL. If you’ve got the time of day (or night) and the gadgets for it, why not go to the sex games lane in the world of porn? I know, I know. You’ve probably tried it before, and it was shit. I’m not going to sugarcoat it; porn games were pieces of shit a few years back. They don’t even present the fucking action properly. But now? Oh man, you’ll be surprised. Buckle up because this is a treat you’ll regret missing.

Do you know something even better than porn?

Is there something even better than porn? Me, I don’t think so. For some of you who have hobbies and all that aside from wanking, there probably are a shit ton of things even better than porn. But did you know that there was one category that’s completely outdoing porn right now? They’re giving the best shots, one after the other. We won’t be surprised if one day we hear about this category taking over the XXX industry. To give you a hint: this will require you to sit down and immerse yourself. What do you think it is?

I’m talking about porn games if you haven’t already thought about it. I know porn games were a bore before, but now, they’ve taken it up several notches ahead; you’ll even be able to see the future of fucking in just one level. No, they’re not going to offer you another set of beautiful 2D babes you can choose from. The world is different now, my friend. And it’s beginning to be very beautiful, especially for this category. I know your expectations are lower than the floor you’re walking on. But now, I’m specifically requesting you to have expectations higher than the roof, and I mean it.

The Paid Porn Guide presents you with one glorious list filled with the best sex games and hentai porn games this year. There are only ten sites and downloadable apps on this list, yet I guarantee you won’t be able to go through them one by one. Why the hell would that be possible? Because you’ll be so immersed in each level, you might forget what day it is or if it’s even daytime or nighttime. That’s just how powerful these games are. And now, they’re not the basic ones I know you’re thinking of. It’s time to debunk those trashy porn game thoughts and replace them with award-winning and mind-blowing ones.

Give yourself a breather! Why not try this one out?

You might think it’s one hell of a chore to go through such processes to play a porn game. Opening your computer to download it; waiting hours for the app to finish downloading; inputting some details, especially the dreaded required credit card info for in-game expenses. I won’t lie; some games in this list require those details from you. The future is here! You won’t even need big old bulky computers anymore. If you’ve got a smartphone, that will do! That’s more than what’s being asked for. What’s important here is that you’ve got a throbbing cock, a wet pussy, and a horned-up mind determined to mess things up.

Woah, won’t that be too good to be true? Nothing’s too good to be true anymore, man! With the porn industry, everything’s possible. Why not give yourself a breather and try one of these games out? There are several for you to choose from! And for our skimpers, there are free games in the Paid Porn Guide’s list ready to fulfill your sexual fantasies and even basic carnal cravings. This list even has one XXX game banned in twenty countries worldwide. But if you’re seeing it, chances are it’s not banned in yours, so why not try it? I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked in no time.

If you don’t want to go through each game individually, here’s a shortcut I’ll type out for you. The Paid Porn Guide’s list of the best sex games of 2022 is filled with 3D sex games with multiple levels that’ll have you addicted to each one. It’s not as basic as you think it is. These games will allow you to customize all the drool-worthy chicks you can think of. Have a beautiful babe in mind? Bring her to life with each game’s customization options! Do you have a specific way of sexually punishing her? Give your virtual girl what she deserves, as each free game gives you the controls to everything.

Too good to be true? Try one out and see if it even outdoes your fantasies.

Worrying about swiping your card? Oh boy, you’re in for a treat! 😋

Should I mention more that most of the games are free? If I have and you’re still doubting it, here’s a short explanation to calm your horses. There’s no need to worry about having your money scammed, buddy. Most of the games on the list don’t even require your credit card details. Yep, that means there are no in-game expenses for you to watch out for. All you’ll have to do is get through each level’s fucking as best as you can. Whether the game is downloadable as an app on your computer or phone, or it’s a plain old website you can access as long as you have wifi on, they are all completely FREE.

Although there’s one porn game in the Paid Porn Guide’s list that will require you to pay up, that’s because it’s a VR porn game, requiring you to have a pair of VR goggles first to be able to play it; not to mention it being linkable to any Lovense brand sex toys you have. Don’t worry about it; they’re not going to scam you. The creators behind that 3D, completely immersive porn game just needed a little funding to keep upgrading their game interface and experience for their gamers. That’s just sweet of them.

Now, don’t you think it’s high time for you to take a break? Take it up several times with the best sex games the Paid Porn Guide could provide. Trust me; these are the top 1% of the selection. Download and play them while they’re still hot, and give yourself the fapping of a lifetime.

#1 Wank Games

Try hundreds of free sex games. No credit card is required. No Bullshit. Just play your favourite porn games 24/7!

#2 CyberSlut 2069

An original free porn game where you create, customize, and fuck your cyborg sex partners! This is the best porn version of CyberPunk 2077.

#3 JerkDolls

Tired of sex games with shallow gameplay? Try this hidden gem of a porn game where you can build and fuck your own sex doll!

#4 Adult Online Play

The hype is real around this new sex game. This is the new generation of porn games.

#5 Sim Family Sex

Play the dirtiest sex game that was banned in over 20 countries! Can you last more than 3 minutes without cumming?


One of the top free porn games of the year. Create your free account and fuck as many sluts before you run out of stamina!

#7 VR Love

Play this interactive 3D porn game on any VR device. Experience porn games on a whole new level!

#8 Game of Whores

Game of Thrones: The porn game!  Watch Daenerys fuck entire hordes of huge cocks in this insanely well designed free online 3d sex game.

#9 Family Simulation

Without a doubt the best free family sex simulator to ever be made! Build a family and then watch them fuck!

#10 Free VR Dolls

Ever fantasize about creating your own virtual sex slave? Make that fantasy come true in this free porn game!