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Technology sure has come a long way! 🤖

Remember the days when you had to go outside your house, go to a video rental shop, enter the red curtain, and leave with one or two sex tapes that you rented? Man, you’d have to hide from your family just to be able to watch those. If you’re living alone, you must even wait until the middle of the night to fap satisfactorily. That was when all the horned-up peeps were brave enough to step outside and rent their porno preferences. But now, everything’s available on our phones. You can watch or look anytime and anywhere; nobody will bat an eye. 

Fast forward to today, now we all have a deep fake. But before we dive in, do you know what deep fake is? Deep fake is a gift! It’s what will make all of your sexual fantasies come true in whatever form you’d like them to materialize. And when I say deep fake makes your dreams come true, I mean it quite literally. Deep fake has a lot of factors, but today we’re going to talk about Mr. Deep Fakes. We know you’ve been drooling over several celebrities and begging them to leak their sex tapes. LOL. Since Kim K had her sex tape leaked thousands of years ago, we all seemed to have upped our standards, haven’t we? LOL. 

So you think all those celeb sex scandals aren’t enough, huh? 

Yeah, I know. All of those celebrity sex tapes won’t ever be enough to go around for all of us. We can’t just command them to make and leak everything, you know? Although in a perfect world, that’s exactly what would happen. We all fuck the same, but when celebrities get down and dirty, it brings us a different kind of horny feeling that nothing and no one could ever match. So, tell me, do you know a source overflowing with celebrity sex tapes? Because if you do, I will stop writing this review this instant. Right, I take your silence and that laugh from your nostrils as a no. 

So, let’s dive in. Meet Mr. Deep Fakes. He holds everything and everyone that you have been fantasizing about as if I haven’t already mentioned. Mr. Deep Fakes serves you a shit ton of fake celebrity porn as you’ve never seen before! Yep, it’s fake if it isn’t obvious yet. But if you’re horny enough, will you ever notice? Now you don’t have to go snooping all around the internet and the porn sites waiting for a new celeb sex tape to pop off. Get on, Mr. Deep Fakes, choose Emma Stone (my cock’s favorite), and have the greatest night of your life! 

Are you looking for a specific someone? Don’t worry; just scroll around! 

I see that you’re preparing yourself for several upcoming disappointments already. I know; I can relate. Emma Stone and Margot Robbie might not be your favorite stars to stroke your cock to, and that’s fine. Don’t think that Mr. Deep Fakes is limited to only that! Whoever you can think of, if it’s he or she, Mr. Deep Fakes will serve it to you on a shiny silver platter. Mr. Deep Fakes has everyone you have in mind, even those you haven’t heard about. You just have to ensure your wifi speed is as fast as you cum. 

If you think fapping to videos isn’t enough, wait until you see the photos. 

Sometimes videos are just too tiring to watch, no? Not that they aren’t great, they’re just quite tiring. Not to mention that you have to secure a spot if you want to watch a shit ton of porno performances on the go. Not everyone gets it. If you wish to get something instant, something on the go that ticks off everything on your celebrity sex wish list, why not ask Mr. Deep Fakes about that? I’m sure he has one good answer to satiate you and your pervy needs. Have you thought long and hard about it yet? 

We’re talking about none other than photos, of course! And not just any celeb photo, not even those shitty ones taken by the paparazzi. We’re discussing neatly edited, deep fake nude photos and porno stills of your favorite celebrities! Will they be downloadable? Heck yeah! And if you can’t download all of the photos you’re drooling over, no one will stop you from continuously drooling over them. LOL. Take all the time you need! Just make sure you’ve got more than enough cum for all the photos that are coming your way. LOL. 

Have you ever seen a deep fake? It’s as good as a deep fake can get! 

Serious question, though, have you ever seen a deep fake? If you haven’t, then here’s your chance to lay your eyes on several. If you have, you already know what kind of quality is in store for you, right? Not all porno performances are perfect, and deep fake porn is no stranger to that. Remember that not all deep fake porno makers are experts already, so that you might see some errors along the way. Deep fake porn is as good as it can get in Mr. Deep Fakes. I say you won’t have to worry about anything, but I’m putting the word out just in case. *wink*

The amount is decent enough, just like the categories. But you know they could make it better. 

What do 23 categories sound like to you? Fewer categories mean fewer contents, and we all know that. But it takes a village (probably some nerd in his mom’s basement) to make one successful deep fake video, so let’s give Mr. Deep Fakes some slack. Don’t worry; there are a lot of celeb deep fake XXX films and photos in Mr. Deep Fakes, probably enough to last you a year’s worth of fapping or more. It’s also worth adding that, like most porn sites, Mr. Deep Fakes’ library and categories just keep on expanding like your favorite celeb’s pussy. 

Want to be a little social? Mr. Deep Fakes wants you to say hello! 

Are you bored of watching triple X films of Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, or whoever you’ve been fantasizing about? Getting tired of looking at the photos, as well? Why don’t you try reaching out? Well, not to the celebrities, of course! Mr. Deep Fakes has a dedicated forum for all its members/users where you can talk about all things. Yep, even those that are not porn-related are welcomed here. Says a lot, huh? Who knows? You might even find some life-long pervy friends here. You can even create your deep fake if you want to, thanks to Mr. Deep Fakes! 

So, does Mr. Deep Fakes get a thumbs up? 🤔

Hell yeah! Have you ever seen this big of a collection of celebrity sex tapes? Whether they are real or not doesn’t matter as long as you can stroke your rock-hard cock to all of it. LOL. Hurry up and see for yourself! You might even turn your back on mainstream triple X movies once you’ve dived in. 

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