The Best List of Porn Sites of 2024.

Dating sites — are they already a thing of the past?

Tinder, OkCupid, Elite Singles — are you familiar with these sites and apps? Does anyone you know still have an account here? Man, they must have white hair and osteoporosis already. LOL. Kidding aside, do you agree that dating sites are now a thing of the past? A shit ton of people still have their hopes up, thinking they might get their “the one” from one of these apps and sites. While it is agreeable that’s highly possible, having an account on one seems a little bit stupid, especially nowadays. Besides, dating apps and sites weren’t used for dating back then.

If you want to find someone, even Craigslist will give you that someone you’ve been looking for. When it comes to love, I reckon love doesn’t have a very stable internet connection. LOL. If you found someone from a dating app or site, then congratulations. If you haven’t, don’t you think it’s high time you switch to something more people are signing up for? Do you have any idea what those sites are? Yep, those are still sites, and unfortunately, they still don’t have any app counterparts, but one does look like an Instagram spinoff, which is a little bit shitty if you ask me.

Here comes the Paid Porn Guide again, spoon-feeding you all you need to know and get into. If you ask me if it’s a dating site, my answer would be slightly so. You can find your person here; there’s nothing impossible. But here’s your head: not everyone is actively looking for someone to marry. Before I divulge it to you, let’s take a moment to thank the heavens (and nerds) for making something like these sites. These are none other than casual dating sites, of course! Were you thinking of anything else? Whatever it is you’re thinking of, pay it no mind. LOL.

“No strings attached” is a made-up term to hook me in.

Undeniably, the taglines of these casual fucking sites are always “no strings attached.” We can’t blame them; that’s what they want to happen. If you do get attached, that’s on you. “No strings attached” is certainly not a made-up term to hook you in, although if you’re looking for a casual sex site that won’t give you the burden dating sites have, this is the right place for you. But let’s get things out of the way first. The sites that the Paid Porn Guide included in their list of the best casual sex sites of 2022 won’t give you love and togetherness, okay?

More than the term I’ve been repeating for ages now, there are many factors to consider that will hook you into at least one of the casual fucking sites in this list. The first of that would be that everybody’s looking for a fuck buddy; that’s one thousand fucking percent sure. Second, these sites are free! Well, some might request in-app or in-site purchases, and you’ll also have to shell out some gas money if you snag a hottie, but that’s about it. And third, these sites are filled to the fucking brim with hotties around your area!

No amount of social media accounts will bring you this many ladies in just a matter of minutes. Trust me, even the most discreet person will use these sites to get their sex lives going. And you know what’s the best part aside from having absolutely no strings attached? It’s the fact that everybody’s as horny (or sometimes even more) as you are. It’s a fucking paradise, I’m telling you. However, the Paid Porn Guide only included four casual sex sites in this year’s list. If you think that’s too few, you can always wait for what next year will bring you.

Think porn sites, but make it real life!

Have you ever wondered what porn sites would be like if all the members could interact with each other? I’ve seen a handful of porn sites; trust me, making an account in one is a good idea. Not only will you be able to share your carnal cravings and sexual fantasies with one another, but you’ll also be able to find one that you’ll truly match with in bed. That’s a rare sighting, even rare than whales, dolphins, or whatnot. I’m still a bit surprised that it’s still not a thing, but the future will make that possible.

All interactive porn sites, hopes aside, real dating sites like Tinder and Bumble have become slightly taboo places to find hookups. I think everyone there is wearing rose-colored glasses or something. It’s not bad, especially in this technologically advanced world and environment. But finding a good fuck buddy should be as easy as 1-2-3 now, right? With that in mind, the nerds living in their mom’s basements have decided to code up and do something remarkable — they decided to make the porn sites come true, specially tailored to your liking. We’ve got to thank them for giving us these casual sex sites right here.

Oh, maybe I’m getting your hopes way up high. I don’t think I should, but the Paid Porn Guide is already doing that job. LOL. Of course, you should be realistic about your sexual fantasies, too! You won’t find good lighting and a good setup here, duh! Not unless the girl you chose to fuck lives today in a mansion or something. If anything, you’ll only be getting porn star-lookalikes that are crazily horned-up, desperately looking for dicks to stuff in their consistently dripping pussies. Come on, boys, it’s time to live your wet dreams now!

Are you ready to make your fucking dreams come true?

As they say, the early bird catches the worm. Have you heard of that saying? If you haven’t, it’s high time you should. LOL. How is that even connected to the casual fucking sites, you ask? Well, these sites are fairly new. There are only probably a handful of hot ladies around your area with wet pussies willing to have you do what you want with them and their bodies. Shouldn’t you scramble to make an account and establish yourself there now? It’s not as easy as Facebook, you know. The only thing that will be easy there is getting a fuck buddy.

Oh, I forgot to ask you what your preferences are. Do you have any? In my case, I love fucking married women. Cuckolding, MILFs, these categories remain at the top of my sexual fantasies. I know that might be a bit extreme, but what do you have here on the third spot? It’s a casual sex site filled only with hot and horny married women. Do you want their husbands to tag along, or do you want to have a private sexy time session anywhere you like? It’s entirely up to you. Unfortunately, among all the hotties, the only group of drool-worthy girls you won’t be found here are barely legal bangers. If they’re not 18 or 21 years old, you won’t see them anytime soon.

Here’s the best part: all dating sites are free. Yep, you’re reading that right. Get your glasses if you’re seeing double. Unless the girl you chose charges you for their nudes or something, making an account, roaming around the site, and eventually fucking someone to bits won’t cost you anything. There are only four casual fucking sites in this year’s list, but trust me, you won’t be able to go through them all. So, what are you waiting for? The girls aren’t going to remove their panties themselves, you know!

#1 SnapSext

Discover the Snapchat of Sex!  Find a collection of Snapchat thots who want to share nudes with you!

#2 InstaBang

As the name implies: Get Banged Instantly!  Browse one of the most popular no-strings-attached adult dating networks to find someone ready to fuck right now!

#3 Adult Dates

The Facebook of Hookups! Signing up is free. Adult Dates is the only social network for people looking to have sex with absolutely no-strings-attached!

#4 Free Hookup Affair

The OG free dating site where horny men and women can meet to hookup. No boring dates or chats. All you get to do is fuck horny married women.