The Best List of Porn Sites of 2022.

Daydreaming about what could happen if you participated in family threesomes, fucked your taxi driver, or even closed a successful sale as a real estate agent? When sex gets involved, everything becomes a thousand percent possible! These are what we call "reality porn." This is the best porn niche since fucking while the camera is filming was invented.

Paid Porn Guide overdid itself by including five glorious pages filled with the best reality porn sites the porn industry could ever provide. I'm pretty sure you'll have the time of your life with each porno performance you'll come across in this list. But first things first, do you know what you're getting yourself into? This porn niche facing you right now is unlike any kind of porn you've ever stroked the milkman to. Every review and description probably says that about their kind of niche, but this one? Man, you are in for one wild ride.

What's reality porn anyway? 🤔

I knew you'd be asking me that question. This most-awaited day has finally come upon us. Reality porn is your favorite kind of porn. Watching traditional fucking on your computer screen can get boring, especially if you've been doing it for a long time. You know, no foreplay, just fucking, fake moans, non-appealing climaxes, all the bullshit you can think of that gets the job done as soon as you click the play button. I know too well about that. I also know that the technological innovation around us is causing the porn industry to become better and even produce shorter videos to support our attention span. But does it support our fantasies?

Sexual fantasies and cravings can range from the wildest to the most mundane ones. You know, like suddenly fucking with a stranger in a random barn while waiting for a taxi. Whether it happens or not, that's what we call reality porn anyway. Your reality can get as creative as you want it to or as boring as you make it. It doesn't matter. Any kind of situation perks up as long as fucking is involved.

Reality porn can range from college gang bangs to small, private sessions with empty nesters celebrating their newly-regained privacy as the horned-up subjects. It can look like you're a fly on the wall or a POV-shot porno performance that'll make you lose your fucking mind. It's reality, and whatever happens in real-life gets featured here, as long as there are dicks that'll be lashed out from pants and pussies squirting in even the most unexpected places.

Each XXX film makes it appear like it's the real deal. Some of it is a million percent real, and there's no doubt about that. It won't escape your meticulous vision if you have a keen eye for authentic sexing up. However it is shot, one thing is for sure — we'll all end up with fresh, hot cum dripping all over us.

Oh, wait, there's more to it than that!

Remember those fake ass products with endorsements like, "there are no fakes here!" Yeah, that's also what reality porn is like — staged scenes made to look like amateur homemade fucking. My favorite has got to be voyeur-like scenes where a random, camera-carrying guy spotted a couple fucking in the middle of the bushes like it's normal. The moans, the sex — they're not fake. But the scenes? Eh, we'll have to check on a few of those to see.

Nevertheless, if you've never seen reality porn in action, prepare to have your favorite niche upstaged by reality porn. It's a mix of your imagination and what happens in your actual day-to-day life. Quite interesting, right? What goes on in your imagination anyway? Because reality porn is as limitless as your mind.

PPG presents Pandora's box of porn niches

Indeed, reality porn is Pandora's box of porn niches. Pandora's box is usually portrayed in a negative light, but not this time. Let's put a twist on it. Once you access Paid Porn Guide's Reality Porn Sites list, you'll be welcomed with endless possibilities in porn you never even knew were possible. From hot mommas teaching their step-sons and step-daughters how to fuck, nubile bangers familiarizing themselves in this amazing industry, tons of anal fucking situations, to even sitcom shows with a dirty twist. It's five full pages of these porno performances that'll either make you beg for more or have you cumming nonstop like a fairly new fapper.

This mix of staged scenes and authentic unstaged fucking will tickle your pickle. Reality porn is the god of all niches since it has every kind of porno performance you can think of. The best part of it all? It's as realistic as it can get. You know porn — some scenes can get as synthetic as rubber. Give yourself a well-deserved breather with what reality porn has in store for you, and of course, come back to those fake moans that turn you on every once in a while. The best of both worlds is just a few clicks and subscriptions away.

This is the gate of heaven, and you've got the key 🗝️

Paid Porn Guide's Reality Porn Sites list is the gates of heaven you never knew you'd be able to enter. You're holding the key to a bigger, brighter fapping future that's meant for your eyes only. Well, we've got to get some shiny credit cards ready for swiping because nothing good ever comes for free. Nothing and no one but the great Paid Porn Guide can give you access to the sites listed here.

Finally, there are thousands upon thousands of unscripted (and scripted) porn with real people determined to give you one thing only: the best lone rangering sessions you'll ever experience. These are made available just at the click of your pervy finger. Of course, that comes at one XXX movie at a time. Pace yourself! Don't let your dick break just because of too much stroking. And remember, you can never have too much reality porn!

#97 3 Way Porn

French Canadian girls tag-team cocks in these exclusive HD porn videos by Pegas Productions.

#98 Family Lust

Lewd step family members fuck each other in many hot scenes.

#99 Pure 18

Dedicated to tiny, tight teen girls getting a brutal sex-education from guys with monster cocks.  Pure18 has been producing porn for over a decade and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

#100 My Babysitters Club

Have you fantasied about fucking your babysitter? brings that dream to the screen with an entire site devoted to Dads getting it on with the childminder.

#101 Tug Jobs

Tugjobs is from the golden age of Bang Bros sites. Although it hasn’t updated in awhile, you can still find some really good handjob porn.

#102 Step Siblings Caught

Teen siblings get caught having sex. They get punished. They get fucked six ways from Sunday by their Moms and Dads.

#103 Money Talks

The shit people will do for money… Check out smokin’ hot amateurs preform in porn videos or watch crazy college kids preform insane stunts on film… all in exchange for cold hard cash

#104 Let’s Fuck Outside

Take a sex trip of Montreal as French-Canadian sluts fuck their way in and around town.

#105 Party of Three

Bangbros produces another classic lesbian porn site featuring the hottest Miami lesbian teen girls!

#106 Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle was among the first solo girls to gain international recognition. Find out why Bang Bros made her a star!

#107 Strictly Hands

Strictly Hands is really straightforward. Beautiful girls. All amateurs. Use their hands to get guys off in HD pov porn.

#108 Public Invasion

Bang Bros take a unique twist on porn in public. Watch beautiful thots get fucked in public.

#109 See Mom Suck

Mommies get down and suck hard peckers until they are completely covered with juices!

#110 XXX Pawn

Security cameras catch thieving sluts. Then they capture their attempts at avoiding going to jail by sucking & fucking the pawn shop crew.

#111 Fake Hostel

Watch young sexy European backpackers discover the world and all the sexual encounters that come with it. Hostels are amazing for getting laid!

#112 Petite Ballerinas Fucked

Watch petite flexible teen ballerinas in tutus get spread, stretched, pretzeled and fucked in every body-bending position imaginable.

#113 Bounty Hunter Porn

These sluts have two options: suck a dick or go to jail. This is 100x better than Dog the Bounty Hunter.

#114 Busted Babysitters

Horny babysitters get busted slacking off. As punishment, Mommy and Daddy teach them a lesson in properly getting fucked.

#115 Fucky Sucky

What happens when black dudes with huge dicks want a little sucky fucky from tiny Asian girls? Let’s find out!

#116 STFU College

STFU about what happens at college! Nobody needs to know the dirty secret lives these college girls have. Trust me. College girls are total sluts. Find out why!

#117 Driver XXX

Cash, grass or ass. Nobody rides for free in DriverXXX!